Web Weekend #1

Welcome to the relaunch of my internet roundup! I used to do it on Wednesday, but the weekend makes so much more sense, really. Look for this post every week, sometime during the weekend (probably Sunday). Follow the blog or my Twitter for instant updates!
I’ve got like, months of stuff to share, but I just couldn’t go back that far here. I’m sad about all the things I had to leave out. In the future, this will feature only a week’s worth of stuff. There should also be a section of “Just for Laughs” but there was no way I could do that one today.

A short roundup of geeky necklaces. I can’t decide whether to make or buy that Snitch one. (GeekSugar)
Needle felted Mushroom Terrarium? Yes this exists. I have been wanting to learn felting. (CRAFT)
A “branding kit” for crafters, for making cute labels and the like. Oh, and it’s free! (CRAFT)
Old jeans into spare pockets – greener and cuter and more customizable than a standard toolbelt. (Recyclart)
Play doughnuts. I like toy food, and these are super cute. (BlogHer)
I want literally everything in this post. Must see. (Design Mom)
Mmmm, I love citrus scrubs. This is on my to-do list. (Curbly)
A leather holster tutorial. Great for cosplays or just because it looks cool. (CRAFT)
I love nail polish. I love the Hunger Games. Put them together and just take my money. (The Gloss)
Pretty and fun postage-stamp bracelet. (Unconsumption)
An adorable ruffled skirt. I so need this. (Sweetie Pie Bakery)
I love this whimsical spaghetti measure. (The Kitchn)
Art with bicycle gears. Really intricate and pretty. (Knock Off Decor)
Make your own stuffed Hobbes. (CRAFT)
Denim whale made out of old jeans. (Recyclart)
Nerdy Nail Polish! I am definitely buying like… all of them. (Fashionably Geek)

Photo from CRAFT
Satsuma candle! Photo from CRAFT

Recycle bottle caps into a small container for tiny things. I like it. (Recyclart)
I really like this space-saving idea for a table. Will use in the future. (Knock Off Decor)
Great idea for an old purse! (We Love French Knots)
A simple candle from an orange peel. It must smell heavenly. (CRAFT)
All these valentines are cute, but my favorite is the superhero lollipop. (LilSugar)
I didn’t know you could mail things in bottles. Great for storage too! (Apartment Therapy)
Reuse your old board games! (Unconsumption)
I keep meaning to make some text art for my house… (decor8)
BUTTONS! BRB, gotta go buy more. (LilSugar)
I really want a vintage mail sorter. (Apartment Therapy)
Cute tiny Valentines. (CRAFT)
Re-use the spring from an old crib as a memo board. (Apartment Therapy)
A simple way to display and store earrings. (IKEA Hackers)

I know it sounds gross, but Mayo definitely is the trick to chocolate cake. (Lifehacker)
Reese’s Popcorn. Yes, please. (Two Peas and their Pod)
Buttermilk Quick Bread with variations. I made it – it’s super good. (The Kitchn)
I love applesauce cakes. (The Stir)
Carrot-Ginger soup. Something about this just sounds delicious. (Blisstree)
brb, drooling over these french fries. (Pioneer Woman)
Deeeeelicious-looking chocolate cake. (The Kitchn)
Taco Cupcakes? YES. (The Stir)
A Harry Potter Cookbook exists. To the bookstore! (GeekMom)

Articles and News
A short-ish list of grocery must-haves. I think this is a good start, but my list would be different. What about you? (Pioneer Woman)
This whole Girl Scout controversy has me frothing at the mouth. Here’s a nice response to it. (BlogHer)
When do you get rid of your old technology? (Apartment Therapy)
The last word on SOPA and PIPA? I hope so. (PopWatch)
When is your favorite food going to be on sale? Useful list. (Lifehacker)
I love The Bloggess, but I am going to steal her Tardis. (Bloggess)
Thought-provoking article for those raising GeekChildren. (GeekMom)
Teeeeeeeny tiny frogs! (Gawker)
Thoughts on raising a daughter with this body-focused media. (Mommyish)

Photo from The Mary Sue
Seriously, is this movie out yet?! Photo from The Mary Sue.

Entertainment News
This still from The Hobbit makes me wish it was already December. (The Mary Sue)
This article about River Song might make you cry. (Anglophenia)
A Hunger Games parody of Grenade by Bruno Mars. 🙂 (Topless Robot)

The Cursed Flute Boy from Link to the Past. (Ben Draws Life)
Beaker of the Lost Meep. (James Hance)
Postage stamp paintings – omg gorgeous (Dude Craft)
Birds in Books (Colossal)
The Adventure of Link – really unique, I love this. (Gorilla Artfare)
Amazing paintings with a Date Stamper (Colossal)

Did you see anything cool around the internet this week? Is there a blog I should be reading? Share your own thoughts and links in the comments!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kayla Koenig
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 00:25:58

    I don’t even know anymore. Just… EVERYTHING. Love. I want to cover a “K” in buttons (maybe monochromatic?). I want to mail you cute things (possibly in plastic bottles). Date stamp art – wut? Hurts my brain it’s so amazing. And now you have me wanting to start needlecrafting. I hope your happy.


  2. Kayla Koenig
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 00:26:25

    noooooooooooooo! *YOU’RE* (I’M SO SORRY)


  3. Marian Dews-Hayes
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 19:06:03

    Um, I’m only four links into this list and I think I’ve already had a crafting orgasm. Too much awesome!


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