Web Weekend #3

Hello again! I’ve got 301 subscriptions this week.
While reading on my never-ending Google Reader, I share to G+, so if this list makes you hungry for more, visit me there! I’ve also been pinning up a storm. I must be good at it, because seriously omg people are following me! (I’m shocked, seriously, this is not false conceit.) The links to my profiles are in the sidebar, so please make use of them!
I was seriously so busy this week that I didn’t manage to read through everything. I prioritized. I hope I’ll get to keep up this week, and anything I miss I can post next week. 🙂
By the way, I’m thinking, in the future, I’ll have an occasional Etsy and DeviantArt spotlight. What do you think?

Your daily hypnotism. (Drawn)


Another Dashie Hat! (Fashionably Geek)
An amazing handspun shawl. (Button Button)
Be prepared! For the past! (Laughing Squid)
This is really pretty and I want one. (Unconsumption)
Birchbox is my favorite thing that I don’t have. (The Gloss)
AnthroPCs, now available in plush form. (Jeph Jacques)


Weapons for your next pillow fight. (The Mary Sue)
An E. (Button Button)
Shakespeare + Embroidery = Love. (Button Button)
Tea cup bird feeders. (Unconsumption)
Use a coloring book for some fun stitching. (We Love French Knots)
String wrapped bottles – I think I’m gonna do this in miniature (Curbly)
Felt heart bookmarks – they’d be a heartfelt gift (haha I’m hilarious) (Curbly)
A how-to on an adorb amigurumi dragon (Craft)
A basket made from recycled paper (Apartment Therapy)
Adorable plush magnetic letters! (Apartment Therapy)
A collection of Birds in stitches (&Stitches)


A good bread recipe – simple and yummy. (Red Dirt Mama)
Blackberry Red Wine Chocolate Cake (The Kitchn)
Cheese-Stuffed Breadsticks (The Kitchn)

Will and Kate got a puppy! Adorb! (via The Gloss)

Articles and News

The Girl Scouts are starting a leadership program. Have I mentioned lately how much I love them? (The Mary Sue)
Thoughts on making time. (Geek with Curves)
So what do we think about polygamy? For me, it’s complicated. (Gawker)
Now let’s talk about Doctor Who and history. (Anglophenia)
A primer on seed-starting. (You Grow Girl)
Part of a series on Evangelicalism (The American Jesus)
So Fox thinks that it’s a good idea to attack the Muppets…… (The Stir)
Educate your kids or they’ll grow up to be prejudiced Tea Party members. (The Stir)
What do we think about hiring a makeup artist for a young daughter? I think I’d do it. (The Stir)

Entertainment News

Appalling indeed. Give Alan Rickman an Oscar already! (Anglophenia)
More than you ever wanted to know about Dan Radcliffe. (Anglophenia)
A new Hunger Games trailer! (BuzzSugar)

HIS FACE AAAAA (Erin Knits, Nerds, Exists)


A collection of Skyward Sword fan art. (Copiously Geeky)
Amazing space art, in stitchery. (Craft)
The Groosenator
! (F Yeah Hyrule)
A holographic pony. Yes. (Jeph Jacques)

Weekly Greatness:

A comic in honor of the Super Bowl. (The Uniblog)
I think this makes me the Dalai Lama. (Laughing Squid)
Yoda makes The Neverending Story less depressing. (James Hance)

Did you see anything cool around the internet this week? Is there a blog I should be reading? Share your own thoughts and links in the comments! Make sure to follow me (here, there, and everywhere) to get more updates!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. studiokako
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 12:24:18

    OMG the dragon! and LOL Dalai Lama


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