Web Weekend #5

Hello again! I know I missed last week. I wish I knew where all my time has been going.
Heads up – I’m having a surgery on Monday. I’ve got no idea how this week will go in terms of blogging. So please bear with me. 🙂 I’ll be back as soon as I can. In the meantime, please follow me on Pinterest – I pin as I read my subscriptions, so it’s like having Web Weekend every day!

Heroes. (via EpicPonyz)


Constellations on your bedsheets. (Apartment Therapy)
Macrame bangles (Craft)
Patchwork Key Fob (Craft)
Pretty ruffly fleece scarf (Craft)
Simple, organic, DIY lip balm – and cheap too! (Curbly)
No-sew pencil roll (Apartment Therapy)
Nessie thumbtacks – WANT (Laughing Squid)
Gorgeous stained-glass-style Zelda embroidery (The Mary Sue)
Magnetic nail polish – I have this exact one. It’s awesome. (io9)


Use a spice rack to store small craft or office supplies. (Apartment Therapy)
Nine cute and easy art DIYs in one place. (Apartment Therapy)
Turn a book into an organizer! (Craft)
Repurposing alphabet blocks (Unconsumption)
A pair of patterns to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee (Feeling Stitchy)
I really love this set of samplers (Feeling Stitchy)
How to grow air plants! (Treehugger)
Rake jewelry display (Recyclart)

See also: none of the above. (via Laughing Squid)


Apple Cake! (Simple Organized Living)
Broccoli and cheese soup – I’m making this tonight! (Comfort of Cooking)
Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps (Pioneer Woman)
Jalapeno ice water? (The Kitchn)

Articles and News

France has removed “mademoiselle” from official documents. Hooray feminism! (Jezebel)
If this were widespread, there’d be a lot of bigots getting haircuts in their kitchens. (Jezebel)
5 ways to promote healthy body image in your daughter (or niece, or whatever) (Mommyish)
Do you like voicemails? (Apartment Therapy)
Five essential woodshop tools. I don’t have the circular saw, and I’d recommend a sander. (Apartment Therapy)
Should we grant dolphins rights? And do we even have the language we need to do that? (Treehugger)
Do you think you could “quit” multitasking? I couldn’t, but it sure would be nice… (Real Simple)
Re-reading a book is good for you! (The Mary Sue)
Do you remember Executive Order 9066? (More Art Less Housework)
Letter to the Editor (Everybody’s Leftovers)
Hilarious blog about cleaning (BlogHer)
Ingredients to avoid in beauty products (Blisstree)

Entertainment News

JK Rowling is writing an adult book! (The Mary Sue)
The US Army is on Pinterest. Whaaaaa? (GeekMom)
And now we know why the Oscars are so awful and predictable (Gawker)

Truth, amirite? (via Literate Knits)


An amazing chromatic typewriter (via DesignMom)
Calvin and Hobbes tribute (Charles Santoso)
This princess can save herself (via The Uniblog)
Fourth Pony (My Junk Drawer)

Weekly Greatness:

Julie Andrews is awesome. (Literate Knits)
Genderswapped Ponies (The Uniblog)

Party hard, my friends. (via The Uniblog)

Did you see anything cool around the internet this week? Is there a blog I should be reading? Share your own thoughts and links in the comments! Make sure to follow me (here, there, and everywhere) to get more updates!


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