Finding Nayru’s Flame

If you’ve not yet played Skyward Sword, or haven’t played far enough, this won’t make much sense to you.

I was playing through the Sand Sea area again the other day and thinking about blogging when I realized “hey I could blog about this!”Β  So I did.
I write my own “playing guides” in notebooks, so it was hardly any task at all to blog it.
The Sand Sea area is my absolute favorite of the game (followed closely by the Ancient Cistern, which immediately precedes it), and I hope you love it too. I’m gonna place the guide behind a cut, so it’s your own fault if you click and see spoilers.

I’m scheduling this post to appear at roughly the time I’ll be arriving at the hospital for surgery. Please play nice while I’m unavailable.

Before I begin, I want to make it perfectly clear that Skyward Sword is the property of Nintendo, not mine at all.

Once you enter the Ancient Harbor (from the Lanayru Caves), head for the north edge. Climb up on some blocks and you’ll see a clawshot target that’ll get you into the northwest corner. Inside this little alcove you’ll find a Goddess Cube (this one gets you 300 rupees in Gondo’s back room in the Bazaar).

Climb back out, examine the bird statue, and then investigate the boat at the end of the dock. Activate the Timeshift Stone and meet the Skipper. After talking a while, he’ll let you take charge of his boat. Head south as he instructs to find his Hideout.

The Hideout is a simple up-and-around progression from rock to rock. You’ll encounter a number of enemies, but none too hard. Just after the Moblin, you can clawshot over to a distant rock to activate another Goddess Cube (this one will yield the Potion Medal from an island in SE Skyloft). Continue climbing all the way to the top and get the map (as well as some Rupees and some Amber Relics) from the cabin. Some Sand Cicadas live atop the roof, if you’d like to catch them. There’s a treasure chest you may want to nab on the way down (or you can use the zipline).

Map in hand, head now westward to find the Shipyard. Again, the path is clear here. Fight the two Lizalfos, and then ride the two roller coaster mine carts to reach the back entrance to the large building. Surprise, here’s a miniboss! It’s actually a Moldarach, which was a Boss not so long ago when we first visited Lanayru. He’s a bit tougher than his brother, but this fight is no big deal.

Return to the boat and head north to the Pirate Stronghold. Here again is another easy dungeon with an obvious path. Find the Timeshift Orb and carry it to the pedestal. There’s enemies and puzzles along the way, but nothing too difficult. When the giant mouth opens and you exit into the open air again, clawshot up high to find a third Goddess Cube (which opens a chest atop the Skyloft waterfall containing a Piece of Heart!).

Having found the remains of the ship in the present, you can now dowse to find the ghost of the ship. Hunt it down, bomb it three times, and prepare for a puzzling dungeon.

The Sandship is very light on enemies and heavy on puzzles. To solve it with a minimum of confused wandering, just follow my instructions.

First you need to go all the way down to the bottom of the ship – just follow the paths. You’ll find a room with a lot of sand on the floor and some deactivated robots in the brig. Clear the sand with your Bellows to decipher the pattern to unlock the door. (It’s down-up-down-right if you’re lazy.) Get the key and head all the way back up to the locked door on the first floor.

Behind this door is the bow of the ship, and the miniboss: Scervo! You need to skillfully block his blows and beat him back to the edge of the long platform three times. Each time, his attacks will change slightly and the platform will get shorter. When he’s finally defeated, you will receive the Bow! Fi will direct you out to the main deck, so follow her instructions.

On the deck, you need to shoot that dark spot on the mast, and then the Timeshift stone that appears. Hooray, the ship has come alive (and so have all the enemies). One of them locks the Timeshift stone, so you’ve gotta climb up there and unlock it. Start climbing, clearing off the masts of enemies as you go. Use the ziplines to get from one to the other. Unlock the Timeshift stone.

Before you hop down and continue exploring, use the zipline nearby to reach the rear mast. Clawshot down the rear part of the ship to find a Piece of Heart and a Goddess Wall. Climb back up when you’re ready.

With the Timeshift stone activated, head all the way back down to the brig (where you got the key before). Talk to the robots here, and they’ll tell you your next task – activate the generators on floor B1.

First, go to floor B1. Stand in the northern half of the double cell on the west side. Shoot upwards through the grate to deactivate the Timeshift stone. You can now reach the chest in the southern half of the cell (it gives you the map), and open the bars on this door.

Now, walk down the central hallway on B1. On the southern side, you’ll see an opening for a fan. Shoot through it to hit an eye switch, which opens the eastern door. In this room, move the block, stand on the switch, and shoot through another fan hole into the western room’s eye switch. Activate the Timeshift stone from the double cell again. Enter the southern generator room and activate the generator!

Now cross the hall to the northeastern room. Push the block to open the portholes. Go back up onto the main deck. Climb up onto the rear deck and lower the rowboat, then deactivate the Timeshift stone. Jump down and climb through the porthole. Now you can go through the previously-electrified doorway into the northern generator room. Activate the Timeshift stone through the grate in the ceiling and turn on the generator! Pull the wall switch to open this door, and go back into the northeastern room.

You came into this room through the eastern porthole. Let’s find out what’s out the western porthole. Oh, it’s a ladder. Climb down and enter the Engine rooms. Follow the obvious path here, being careful not to get squished. At the “halfway” point of the room, you can swing into an alcove and climb up to find the Treasure room, filled with five chests – two with silver rupees and three with treasures (I always seem to get 2 Monster Horns and one Evil Crystal, but they may be random). Cross the other half of the Engine room to release the robots from the brig. They give you a key.

You may have missed this door before, but it’s on the rear, raised part of the main deck (near the rowboat). Deactivate the Timeshift stone and enter. Clear this double-cell room using your sword and bow to receive the Squid Carving, which will open the big locked door downstairs.

Before heading for the main boss, I always take a quick time out to upgrade my bow. Deactivate the Timeshift stone and leave by the ladder on the main deck. Head up to Skyloft real quick and upgrade that sucker (twice if you have the necessary treasures). You may also want to buy a supplemental quiver and maybe some Heart potions. Head back to the ship when you’re ready and open that Boss Door.

The boss, Tentalus, is a giant sea creature with dreadlock-tentacles. He’s intent on destroying the ship, and your first order of business is to reach the deck. Use Skyward Strikes to sever the tentacles and make your way up. When you reach the deck, he’ll start thrusting them upward and try to grab you. Run around (do not hold still) and administer Skyward Strikes liberally until he retreats. He’ll emerge from the water on one of the three sides. Shoot him in the eye (this is frustratingly hard with the basic bow, a little easier with the Iron bow – because of the distance). When you land a hit, go stab him in the eye as many times as you can. Repeat this until he moves on to the next stage. You’ll know it’s time when he gets really mad and a box falls down from the upper part of the deck, allowing you to climb up. Do so, obviously. His hair will now attack you – don’t be afraid, just swing your sword around. Eventually, you’ll get an opening to shoot his eye again. Run forward and slash the eye some more. Repeat as necessary until he’s defeated.

Hit the crest with a Skyward Strike, and Fi will enhance your blade with the Flame, increasing your attack power and giving her the ability to dowse for more things!

Ahh, that was fun. πŸ™‚ Which part of Skyward Sword is your favorite? Are you going to comment and tell me that Skyrim (or whatever other game) is better? Would you like hints or a guide to another part of this game (or any other Zelda game, for that matter)? Let’s talk video games, people!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Another Gamer
    Feb 28, 2012 @ 00:09:55

    I’ll tell you that I loved the Sandship, but it frustrated me to no end. What I really did like was the first fire dungeon. That was pretty rad. And the boss was fun without being annoying…

    But what I hated more than anything else was the very existence of those STUPID STUPID STUPID silent realms. I’m pretty sure 3 stupids doesn’t cover it adequately.


    • Jamie B
      Feb 29, 2012 @ 20:09:31

      The Sandship is super frustrating if you aren’t familiar with it. It took me like 4 times as long to do it the first time, backtracking and making mistakes. LOL. I enjoy the low-key pace of it now though.
      I agree, the first fire dungeon was really fun. πŸ™‚ I like all the dungeons in this game, really. πŸ™‚ I’m not sure which boss is my favorite. I do like fighting Ghirahim. πŸ™‚
      I hated the Silent Realms at first, but now that I’ve played them several times and have a certain way that I do it, I like them. πŸ™‚ It’s fun to challenge myself to not get seen (especially in Lanayru and Eldin). Heh, I remember the first time I played the Eldin Silent Realm, I couldn’t see that the tear was up in that tree, I just knew it was over there because I could see it from a distance. I ran around and around and around, ran out of time, getting chased by Guardians… oh man it was stressful.


      • Another Gamer
        Mar 01, 2012 @ 11:48:00

        Indeed! All in all, it was a very well-put-together game. Have you played all of them? I would honestly say it’s probably my favorite (in spite of the Silent Realms)…

        and I hated fighting Ghirahim, but he was an awesome villain. When I first saw him I was like “Where are the Demon Lords of hearts, spades, and clubs?”


  2. Jamie B
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 12:22:56

    I’ve played all the Zelda games except for the Oracle games. I’m hoping those will come to the 3ds e-shop. πŸ˜€ Fingers crossed right? πŸ™‚ How about you?
    Ghirahim might be my favorite villain ever, seriously.


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