Web Weekend #8

Another week has flown by and here we are again! Happy Easter and Happy Passover to those of you who are celebrating this weekend, and Happy Springtime to all and sundry.
I climbed all the way to 391 subscriptions (where do they all come from?) this week. I actually do unsubscribe when a feed isn’t what I want, but I guess I need to lay off that subscribe button, haha.
Remember you can follow me on Pinterest for nearly-daily flailing and excitement. Now let’s get to the links!

MALFUNCTION (From Gallifreyan/Geek/Squad)

Things to Buy or Make

Tiered tray made from soda bottles! (Unconsumption)
Day of the Dead Owl (Threadhead)
Baroque Jacket (StitchPunk)
Amigurumi HEDGIE – have I mentioned how much I love Hedgehogs (Craft)
Beeswax Flower Mason Jar Candles (Craft)
Hardware store chain link bracelets (Centsational Girl)
Bird’s nest bed (Dornob)
DIY Peonies (Creature Comforts)
Beautiful flower crown (Song and Dance)
DIY Ombre sugar hearts (Erica Obrien)

Ideas to Use

Moss Graffiti – amazing! (Apartment Therapy)
Grapefruit-scented Vinegar for all your cleaning needs (Savvy Housekeeping)
Use Binchotan Coal for pretty filtered water (The Kitchn)
Free Plotbunnies, available for adoption (The Idea Bird)
DIY sinus-clearing shower tablets (Lifehacker)

Another Dalek. Why not. By autogeography on Etsy.


Bootleg Bailey’s – yes please! (Instructables)
Cheddar Bay Biscuit recipe (Instructables)
Dandelion Sorbet omg (Curbly)
Weeknight Chicken Parm (Frugal by Choice)
Gluten-free Crepes (Creature Comforts)
Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Cake (Shiksa in the Kitchen)
Quick cupcake frosting! (Lifehacker)

Articles and News

How much does a baby really cost? (Savvy Housekeeping)
Let’s have a discussion about race in fantasy worlds. (io9)
What do you think about ghostwriting? And will you ever buy another James Patterson book? (GeekMom)
The 1940 census is now available online! (io9)
What’s worth getting at a dollar store? (Lifehacker)

OHANA. I want to hang this in my house. (from Literate Knits)

Entertainment News

A book about Westeros is coming out in October! (Topless Robot)


Beautiful bookends by Knob Creek Metal Arts (via Colossal)
Gorgeous princess cosplay photos by Ryan Astamendi (via io9)
I love Omocat, and this little sketch of Groose never fails to make me smile. (Omocat)
Amazing Dune paintings by Mark Molnar (MoMarkMagic)
Also amazing: Game of Thrones portraits by Anja Dalisa (via io9)

Weekly Greatness:

Look I won something! Just wanted to brag. 🙂 (Too Crewel)
Relax! Or you will be! Exterminated! (via Topless Robot)
Elijah Wood sitting in the Iron Throne. You’re welcome. (Epic Ponyz)

You know it's true. (from EpicPonyz)

Did you see anything cool around the internet this week? Is there a blog I should be reading? Share your own thoughts and links in the comments! Got an opinion or thought about anything here? Make sure to follow me (here, there, and everywhere) to get more updates!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. studiokako
    Apr 11, 2012 @ 04:01:32

    I just realized I could be actively adding to a comment while actually reading your blog in Reader. Instead of waiting until I got to the end and trying to remember everything I wanted to say…and it begins

    Very much pinned the flower jewelry tray, chainlink bracelets, peonies, flower tiara and ombre sugar hearts! So many good things (If your last roundup was half as good I’ll probably never get off the computer).

    The moss graffiti is beautiful, I wish I had a backyard brick wall or some equivelant to create something like that on… I have a feeling it wouldn’t work very well on a wooden fence… but maybe, moss does grow on trees haha. It wouldn’t look cool in my yard anyway 😦 I need a better house before I attempt that. And I’m definitely intrigued by these baking soda shower tablets, except I don’t have any essential oils, but if the price is right I just might have to try this.

    I skipped over the food, but the frostingless cupcakes caught my eye. I’m totally down for trying the s’mores version! (I’m sure I’ll come back at some point and check out the rest of the food…heartburn makes everything seem un appetizing)

    The dollar store article kind of freaked me out a bit, I’ve been known to buy food products and some beauty/health products from there, and even vitamins and other medicine (in my defense that was at Dollar General not the 99 cent only store…that may make it slightly less lethal lol). I’m skeptical but also apprehensive about the alleged lead containing toys… I guess I won’t be buying any cheapo last minute birthday gifts anymore. I forwarded that to my mom, so maybe she’ll think twice as well. I’m a little baffled by the hype around the 1940 census, but I haven’t checked it so maybe I’m missing something. Ok, so I checked out your link, and I might actually go have a look at this Census data. My grandma was thriving during the 40s so I’d love to see if I could find info from her or my great grandparents. My mom wasn’t born until a few years later though, so no info on her.

    Bookends = awesome (but pricey). As far as the princess photoshoot, I’ve seen that floating around for a while. Who didn’t want to be Jasmine growing up? Belle and her dress look very similar to a dress created by a friend of mine, Rapunzel looks uncannily like the girl in Tangled, Pocahontas is GORGEOUS and Jessica Rabbit looks entirely too shopped (why was so much effort put into her editing while the other girls remain semi natural?)

    Why does wordpress collapse my comment everytime I click somewhere else on the page? Really annoying.

    Dalek extermination, I mean *relaxation* techniques. I’m so relaxed now, I’m falling asleep as I type.

    And now that I have succesfully completed investigating every possibly interesting thing on the internet (well, on your current roundup at least) I think I should go to bed… because for real even my eyes are protesting. But who am I kidding I’ll probably read for at least 30 minutes before I even attempt to go to sleep.

    Please forgive any gross typos, I’ve tried to proofread and correct them as I went but I very well could have missed some, it is 3 AM after all.



    • Jamie B
      Apr 11, 2012 @ 17:55:20

      Oh man I am SO doing that moss thing. It looks AMAZING. I think you can probably get some essential oils at Michaels, near the soap and/or candle making supplies. Maybe even at Walmart, depending on if yours carries that kind of thing.
      The dollar store thing really kinda depends on WHAT dollar store you’re at. I’m sure you’re intelligent enough to tell what’s dangerous, lol.
      The census is so hyped right now because 1) it’s easily accessible, which is kindof a new thing because internet, and 2) people our age have family members that we’ve actually met (grandparents etc) in that census, and 3) it was right after the Great Depression so people are interested in the changes that caused.

      Hahaha you crack me up.



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