Web Weekend #12

Hi there! I missed last week’s roundup because I was ill. Sad, because I actually was completely caught up on reading. I didn’t quite manage to go back all the way to the point I left off at, but this was a good week and we have plenty to be going on with.

A few announcements: Next week I will be participating in Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway week! So make sure to come back on the 21st to find out how to enter an as-yet-undeclared prize (it’ll be good, I promise).
This week may be a rough one because my to-do list is massive, and next week my husband is having a pretty major surgery. But I promise, I’m going to try to keep things together.

Remember you can follow me on Pinterest  or on Tumblr for nearly-daily flailing and excitement. Check the right side of the page for a list of all the places you can find me. And if there’s somewhere else you’d like to connect with me, let me know! (I’m not making a facebook page until I know that people are interested, fyi.) Now let’s get to the links!

This week, I’m starting off with a badass. (via FY Link)

Things to Buy or Make

A cute and simple relaxing eye mask (Wild Olive)
Tatted Lace corsage bracelet by TotusMel – well, there’s another craft to learn. (Instructables)
DIY Hollow book – definitely planning to do this, soon (by craftknowitall on Instructables)
A business card holder from a cassette tape! (by Jer_Faludi on Instructables)
Knockoff Moleskine notebook (by arte.sano on Instructables)
I love this cute fabric pendant by Ellen Baker (Craft)
DIY concrete planters? Yes. (Apartment Therapy)
Quick, cute idea for graduation gifts (Crafts Unleashed)
Easy DIY: teacup candles (A Bit of Bee’s Knees)
A pretty, flowery embroidery pattern (Carina’s Craftblog)
Rock Candy Jewelry. Yes you read that right, and it is awesome. (1 Fine Cookie)
Mercado market bag – ingeniously designed. (The Kitchn)

Ideas to Use

How to test floss for colorfastness, and how to make it so if it’s not. (so september)
How to refill a foaming hand soap dispenser (by frollard on Instructables)
Tips on making a terrarium (CasaSugar)

I could watch this ALL DAY. (via Hipster Game of Thrones)


Top ten cocktails (The Kitchn)
Ten Martha recipes for Sangria (The Kitchn)
I’m a sucker for onions and rice and cheese. ($35 a week)
Also for honey and garlic and pork. (Blogchef)
These raw vegan fudge bars sound heavenly. (Good Girl Gone Green)
A lovely list of delicious low-calorie snacks (A Bit of Bees Knees)
Pink Lemonade Cookies – would be so cute for a girly party (Gluesticks)
Pineapple Lime Grilled Chicken – four delicious words. (Shiksa in the Kitchen)
10 Cracker recipes (The Kitchn)
Frozen yogurt dots – perfect for kids (The Kitchn)
10 drinks associated with literary figures – ❤ (The Kitchn)

Articles and News

Thoughts on IUDs. This is relevant to my life. (io9)
Did you hear about Tanning Mom? It’s very sad. (The Gloss)
The military has been completely destroyed since DADT was repealed. Oh wait, no, the opposite of that. (Jezebel)
Wow, um, I’m going to take up yoga now. (Blisstree)
The Mommy Wars MUST END. This is getting toxic. (Eat the Damn Cake)
I really really loved this article about drawing wheelchairs (it’s more applicable than you’d think). (The Mary Sue)
North Carolina sucks. The end. (Gawker)

This was taken on the first day of filming for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Omg. (via EpicPonyz)

Entertainment News

Maurice Sendak passed away this week. And literally the entire internet mourned. Let the wild rumpus start!
Biff Tannen (actually Tom Wilson) has an awesome business card. (io9)
Lucy Liu has been cast as Watson in CBS’s Sherlock Holmes sendup. I am … interested, but not hopeful. (Jezebel)
The Fifty Shades trilogy has officially found its way to the banned books list. This makes me sad, but not for the reason you may think. (Jezebel)
I really enjoyed this article about superheroes and “the closet.” What say you? (Comics Alliance)
Wil Wheaton wins this week’s Tearjerker Award. (The Mary Sue)
David Tennant is rumored to be part of the next Fast & Furious movie. I’ll SO watch it if he is. (The Mary Sue)


I really needed to read this encouragement about shyness. (By Omocat)
Amazing upcycling of plastic bottles (by Garth Britzman, via Colossal)

Weekly Greatness:

I love this series. You should check it out. (The Simple Dollar)
Kate Beaton did it again. (Hark A Vagrant)
Every Major’s Terrible (xkcd)

Let’s end with a hearty laugh. 🙂 By Natalie Dee

Did you see anything cool around the internet this week? Is there a blog I should be reading? Got an opinion or thought about anything here? Share your own thoughts and links in the comments!  Make sure to follow me (here, there, and everywhere) to get more updates!

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