I am just so amazed at the turnout this week. I started this week with a little over 700 pageviews; I now have more than double that. I had less than 200 comments total, and now I have over 400!  (Half of those comments were, and still are, me – I respond to every single comment that comes to my blog.)

Previously, my highest one-day page views was around 30. I was amazed when I passed 100 on Tuesday, and posted a second giveaway to celebrate. Little did I know that I’d soon get 40 pageviews in a single HOUR, and recieve 329 views just on Wednesday. Suffice it to say that you guys BLEW MY MIND.

I received 107 entries in my original giveaway! I wrote down each name on a bit of paper (the margins of my printed coupons for next week’s groceries), put the slips in a pickle jar, and had my daughter choose one at random.
This is the name she chose:
CONGRATULATIONS, calikisses! Check your email inbox! You are the proud winner of a whole bunch of fun crafty things and a handmade bag!

Now for the second giveaway! 32 of you followed me and left a comment on that post to enter. I wrote all THOSE names down on margins of papers and put THEM in the pickle jar. This time my medicated husband reached in the jar and chose:
CONGRATULATIONS, radiya! Check your email inbox! You are the proud winner of 4 lovely pieces of fabric!

Both winners have been contacted by email. Seeing that it’s a holiday weekend, I will give them until MONDAY at 9pm EST to respond before I draw another winner. Both winners have responded and I will be shipping their prizes soon. Sorry, everybody else.

Good luck to all on the other giveaways you may have entered, and I hope to see you all back here again soon!
I’ve really enjoyed this giveaway thing, and I think I’ll be doing it again. I may or may not announce them in advance. I’m the sneaky little thing who might just draw a name from the comments on a post and send them a gift. 😉

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anna
    May 25, 2012 @ 21:59:20

    Wow! I never win anything. Thanks so much. I’m responding to your email now 🙂


  2. AppieB
    May 26, 2012 @ 03:37:16



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