Web Weekend #14

This was one heck of a crazy week. The turnout for Giveaway Week was INSANE, and I really hope that at least a few of those lovely people stick around. I really enjoyed chatting with you all.

This week I am boasting 448 subscriptions, although I rather expect that that number will decrease a bit in the coming weeks.

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Stitch has lost control of his Naughty Level (by silvaniart)

Things to Buy or Make

Cool thrifted and remade art (Recyclart – I got an “attack warning” from Firefox on the source site, so beware.)
Nintendo-themed towels for Geek Pride Day (Zelda Informer)
Avengers Jewelry! (The Mary Sue)
Cute knitting bag (Sleepy Owl Studio)
My daughter would love this pink bag (Sew Delicious)
Literary coasters (Savvy Housekeeping)
Geometry garland! (Savvy Housekeeping)
I love this cool striped quilt (SOTAK)
Simple vinyl wallet with stitched details (How about Orange)
Stuff made from floppy disks (Instructables)
Beaded crocheted bracelet (Cut Out and Keep)
Some cool Kindle cases (Apartment Therapy)
Adorable shirt for a little girl – might use this for Missy (Colette Moscrop)
I love this jacket, especially with the studs! (Corvus tristis)

Ideas to Use

Bees seem to prefer “ordinary” flowers over fancy ones. (Treehugger)
Clever trick for the inevitable Bead Spill (Fusion Beads)
We have a push reel mower and LOVE it. (Art of Manliness)
How to invert browser colors for easier night browsing (Lifehacker)

I need this Allie the Ally (via Geek Mom)


Avengers cocktails. YES. (So Geek Chic)
DIY Magic Shell – dangit now I want ice cream (The Kitchn)
Tzatsiki potato salad – seems like an interesting twist (Smitten Kitchen)
How to make ice cream in a food processor (The Kitchn)
DIY maraschinos – perfect for your ice cream and your magic shell (The Kitchn)
Chicken Monterey – making me hongreh (Blogchef)
Cod Cakes – going to try this with that random fish in my freezer (Inn at the Crossroads)
3 kid-friendly food-for-adults recipes – the chicken salad looks really good (Simple Organized Living)
Watermelon Shark! (Gluesticks)
Lazy skillet potatoes (Frugal by Choice)
Broccoli-cheese potatoes (Shiksa in the Kitchen)

Articles and News

Russia wants to build a base on the Moon. (io9)
Did you hear about this Hitler-esque guy? Shudder. (A Teacher on Teaching)
The NAACP endorsed marriage equality efforts this week! (Gawker)
Behold! The most disturbing men’s garment ever created – NSFW (The Gloss)
BB creams are coming to America! You will love them. (Nouveau Cheap)
What are your thoughts about children and religion? (BlogHer)
How much privacy is there in your relationship? (BlogHer)

Gratuitous picture of Robert Pattinson (via The Mary Sue)

Entertainment: Books, TV, Movies, and others

Pattinson as Finnick? I’ll take it. What do you think? (The Mary Sue)
Matt Smith carried the Olympic Torch through Cardiff! (The Mary Sue)
I’m just going to leave this Joffrey Practice Target here. (io9)
Fill that Tardis-shaped hole in your life with this mini-sode. (io9)
Gratuitous article about Helena. (The Gloss)
First trailer for The Great Gatsby! I love Baz. (Gawker)
Jim Parsons is thirty-nine?! (Gawker)


Goodnight Pond” by James Hance (James Hance)
A cool take on the Three Wise Monkeys by Charles Santoso (Charles Santoso)
If the Doctors were dinosaurs by Peter Fogelsong (via The Mary Sue)
Some awesome art by Claire Hummel (via Comics Alliance)

Weekly Greatness:

People were soooo weird in the 1890s (Hark a Vagrant)
This needs to exist. It MUST. (Drawn)
Accurate comparison of literatures. (Drawn)
This guy turned a giant jawbreaker on a lathe to make a shot glass. (Youtube)

Let’s begin our week with some inspiring bravery. (by Brooke Pennington, via Colossal)

Did you see anything cool around the internet this week? Is there a blog I should be reading? Got an opinion or thought about anything here? Share your own thoughts and links in the comments!  Make sure to follow me (here, there, and everywhere) to get more updates!

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