Web Weekend #15

I am hoping for a productive week. Lots on my to-do list. Fingers crossed for me?

This week I have 439 subscriptions. Slightly down from last week, and I expect that it’ll decrease more next week. I go through phases.

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Pizza Math (by Twaggies)

Things to Buy or Make

Simple Vinyl Zip pouch – I make similar ones with velcro and a fabric cover, this is a great tutorial (Wild Olive)
Cork bouquet – I love the flowers tucked in (Unconsumption)
A flower made of Q-tips? Surprisingly cool. (Thanks I Made It)
Some beautiful gauzy summer baby blankets (lea & lars)
Great tutorial for making Half-Square Triangles (halfstitched)
Distressed Number art – also cool for letters, no? (Knock Off Decor)
The Censorship Towel. LOL, now shut up and take my money. (Dornob)
This musical craft is patriotic-themed here, but you could do it with any music and theme you wanted. (Infarrantly Creative)
Drawstring bag with hidden pocket – I make these too! I’m planning to list one in my shop on July Listing Day (Infarrantly Creative)
A rug made from felt scraps! (Curbly)
Cute embroidery pattern to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee (Feeling Stitchy)
What is bobbin lace and where can I learn to make it? (Button button)
Melty bead bowls – great kid craft (Creative Jewish Mom)
If you don’t love Mr Darcy, you don’t have a soul. (Button button)
An especially Dwarven accessory: Battle Axe Hair Sticks! (The Mary Sue)
Ocarina Buttons! I’d do the Song of Healing. (Sprite Stitch)

Ideas to Use

How to match your sauce with your noodle (Savvy Housekeeping)
We ended up with a lot of partial bottles of soda from the last FRG meeting, so I’m excited to try some of these uses for flat soda (Simple Organized Living)
I guess it makes me a bad feminist, but I kinda like -ess terms for females, like embroideress. Check out this bit from an old book about it. (Feeling Stitchy)
Grow your own potatoes anywhere! (Lifehacker)
A mason jar makes your blender into a Magic Bullet (Lifehacker)
Did you know that you can bake bread in a crock pot? (Lifehacker)
Great for all those butter tubs and sour cream pots: nail polish remover will remove ink from plastic (Lifehacker)

Geekiest fish ever. (via So Geek Chic)

Edibles & Libations

Cheese and Garlic rolls – yum! (Your Homebased Mom)
Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns – another yum! (Frugal By Choice)
Tropical Sangria (Centsational Girl)
A cocktail for the Diamond Jubilee – the Big Liz (Aunt Peaches)
This foccacia bread looks delicious (Two Peas and their Pod)
Black Forest Cupcakes (Not Your Momma’s Cookie)
Elizabethan Honeycakes (Inn at the Crossroads)

Articles and News

Amelia Earhart’s freckle cream has been found. (The Mary Sue)
The neuroscience of time – really fascinating topic (io9)
DC’s big news: the original Green Lantern (aka Alan Scott) is/was gay! (Comics Alliance)
Well that’s depressing – no matter how much weight you lose, people will still think of you as a fattie. (Jezebel)

Moral of the story: Just Create! Don’t wait for perfection. (via Drawn) (click to go to source and embiggen)

Entertainment: Books, TV, Movies, and others

The Game of Thrones season finale is going to be 10 minutes longer. Check your DVR.
The Doctor’s new companion is named Clara! (The Mary Sue)
A supercut of Harry Potter spellcasting (The Mary Sue)
The TNG/Who comic came out this past week, and I am really mad at my comic shop for not having it. (io9)
Who do you want to play Finnick Odair? (io9)
They’re apparently making a sequel to The Devil Wears Prada. Not sure how I feel about it. (The Gloss)
More drama from former Losties – aka, an excuse to look at Dominic (Jezebel)
There may be hope for the future – children’s tv is gloriously diverse (Jezebel)


Another glorious installment of The Dalek Game, this time featuring Tom Bombadil (by Kathleen at Errantry)
Chrisolo Robin (by James Hance)
Cat on a Leash (by Gemma Correll)

Weekly Greatness:

Here’s an interesting concept: a single-use lamp powered by blood sacrifice. (Dornob)
Thank you Link. (Dueling Analogs)

An impossible FMK. (via The Gloss)

Did you see anything cool around the internet this week? Is there a blog I should be reading? Got an opinion or thought about anything here? Share your own thoughts and links in the comments!  Make sure to follow me (here, there, and everywhere) to get more updates!

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  1. tanaudel
    Jun 05, 2012 @ 07:52:03

    I am liking the progression of hairstyles in that last photo!


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