I’m still busy as hell and haven’t had any time to do ANY thing online, but I just had to pop in today to share this.

It’s my Missy! And she’s FOUR today! Where did the time go. This photo is from last week, lol. Yesterday we “officially” celebrated her birthday by taking her to Carousel Center in Syracuse. She rode the carousel two times and we took her to her very first movie in a theater. We saw the new Ice Age and really liked it. I’m a big fan of Peter Dinklage, so I really loved Captain Gutt. Granny was hilarious. We saw some great trailers, including one for The Hobbit (dear god is it December yet).

She insisted on Baa-Bo Head cupcakes (that’s what she calls Hello Kitty, don’t ask), and I am munching on one as I type this. 🙂 I’ll share a picture of them when I can.

I have a lot of great posts that I want to make and share with you. In the next week or two (before the 28th at least), I have two posts that I WILL share because I need them to be up by that date. Haha. One is a recipe and one is a jewelry tutorial.

Most of my busy-ness has been a mad rush of making costumes for our trip to the Renaissance Faire. Not sure why we waited until so close to it to decide to do costumes. Lol. We are going to that on the 29th, so that’s my deadline. I’m gonna make it. All the clothes except hubby’s pants are done, and the pants are pretty close to done. I’ve got a big list of accessories to make but they’re moving along nicely. The best part of those so far is definitely the faux leather shoulder scale armor – it looks amazing. I’m definitely going to make more and put them in my Etsy shop.

I’m trying not to be stressed about my SEO writing gig. I’m not succeeding. I’m enjoying it, it’s just that I have SO MUCH to do this month.

Hope you’re all having a good day. Help me celebrate my Missy’s birthday by using the code SHELLS to receive 15% off in my Etsy shop! This offer will end tonight, so don’t wait!


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