Last Chance! With Special Bonus Discount!

Remember back in May when I had my big Grand Re-opening? Well, there’s a few items from that listing day that haven’t sold yet, and will be expiring soon if nobody buys them. I already have *PLANS* for some of them if they aren’t snapped up, so if you want ’em, you better grab ’em. I’m going to list and link them all here, for convenience.

These black matte birds will not be re-listed if they don’t go, mainly because they’re one of the ones I have plans for. They’re currently up for only 6 dollars.

These little babies probably will make a re-appearance if they expire. I love this particular shade of copper wire, especially with these large cream pearls. They are listed at 15$ right now. No promises about the future price, though.

I suspect that part of the reason this bracelet hasn’t gone yet is because it’s on the small side at just under 7 inches. If you or someone you love has small wrists, pop over and get this for only 15$. If it expires, I’ll be sizing it up and re-listing.

These Secret Cameo earrings have gotten quite a few looks and even a few favorites, but surprisingly are still living in my shop. There is a delicate cameo hidden under the black gem. I will most likely not be re-listing these (I want to keep them!). They’re a cheap gift for yourself or a friend at only 8$.

I have a pair of these for myself and they always get compliments. Snag this pair for only 7$ now, because I will not be re-listing this one!

These little babies are simple and delicate, and (I think) the cheapest thing in my shop at only 5$. These will not be re-listed as-is – I have an idea to improve them! So if you like this simplicity, grab it now before it’s gone!

There are two different colors available for these vampy chainmaille drop earrings. Grab them now and avoid the Halloween rush! These are listed for only 15$!

These chainmaille flowers are one of my favorite things to make. This listing is for made-to-order pairs, though. I think I’ll replace it with simple individual listings for the pairs I have on hand. I charge 15$ a pair for these.

I actually have two chainmaille watches available at the moment – this copper one as well as a dark silver one, found here. They are both approximately the same size and can be adjusted within some limitations if necessary. They are each listed for 45$, which is a bargain, I assure you. These will be back at some point, although not right away. Christmas is coming, people.

Another simple pair of earrings that gets little attention. Woodsy and delicate, these are another good gift idea, and they’re only 6 bucks! They will probably not be back.

Oh look, I accidentally uploaded a giganto picture of these. Lol. Anyway, these unique copper spiral earrings never fail to draw tons of attention and admiration. I have lots of plans for pairs of these in other colors, but these are the originals! Snag them for only 12 buckaroos (or commission a pair in your own preferred colors for approximately the same price)!

This may well be the only chance you have to own any Helm’s Weave from me. This weave looks amazing, but it gives me more trouble than my time is worth. I love this necklace though, and if someone doesn’t buy it, I’m keeping it!

Whew, there were actually more of those than I thought. Now I’m sad.
Did you see something you liked? I have good news for you! To help move these sad orphaned items out, I am offering a special discount code just for you!
From now until September first (actually midnight on August 31), use the code QUITE to get THIRTY PERCENT (that’s 30%) off your entire order in my shop! Now GO GO GO!

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