Web Weekend #16

So I realize it’s not the weekend, but hey, whatever. It’s been freaking forever since I did one of these (#15 was published on June 3!), and I know that my “fans” have been missing it.

Back in June, my total number of subscriptions was 439, and I had apparently been on a deleting spree at the time, after just adding a whole bunch of new ones. Now, my subscriptions are up to the frightening number of 572, thanks to Sew Mama Sew giveaway day. I habitually subscribe to each blog that I enter a giveaway on (I owe them that much, right?), and place them all in a particular folder. When I get around to it a few weeks later, I then read them for a while and see if I like the blog enough to keep it around, at which point I move it out into the correct “regular” folder. So while that number will probably stay high, it *should* go down soon, lol.

So anyway, for those of you just tuning in, this is my, ahem, weekly installment where I share a bunch of cool things I’ve seen around the blogs that week. I’m finally getting back to it because I’ve got Google Reader on my phone now so I can reader a lot easier now. I may be changing up the format of this feature a little, so we’ll see how it goes. This installment is a little  lumpy and one-sided since I’m still catching up, and I ended up leaving out a lot of stuff I wanted to include.

Without any further ado, here’s a selection of the cool things I’ve starred this week! Enjoy!

Holiday Stuff
This list of unique gifts-in-a-jar strives to bring you some new ideas for gifting (Curbly)
And this list of cool paper ornaments helps you decorate with flair (Curbly)
Here’s a list of stocking stuffers for all — I’ll definitely be raiding this list. (CasaSugar)
Do you tell your kids about Santa? I don’t, so I know how this writer feels. Lucky me, I don’t live too close to family. (Mommyish)
Gifts for the geek in your life. (The Mary Sue)

OF COURSE Batty is a fan of Dickens. Illustration from this article.

Society in General
Your favorite Muppets are here to help… this time with explaining and normalizing divorce for kids. (Mommyish)
In defense of Twilight fans. No really. Read it. (The Mary Sue)
Behold! The Hawkeye Initiative! (The Mary Sue)
Young Hero Of The Week (The Mary Sue)
Female body armor hits Afghanistan! Huzzah for female soldiers! (The Mary Sue)
A portion of hell froze over. (Jezebel)
It still sucks to be a female writer. (Jezebel)

How to make salt dough – ornaments or whatever – great kid’s craft! (Blisstree)

Eight Hanukkah recipes – a little late but still good. (Blisstree)

I just love this photo. No political message intended. 🙂 (Via The Mary Sue)

TV & Movies & Books & …
There’s going to be a sequel to Boy Meets World! (The Mary Sue)
The Beeb is gonna make a miniseries of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (The Mary Sue)
Universal is suing about the porn parody of 50 Shades, because they want to see how much irony we can take at one time. (The Mary Sue)
How do we feel about patriarchy in our fiction? (The Mary Sue)
The Star Trek Into Darkness trailer we’ve been dying for. (The Mary Sue)

Someone buy me this LSP bobblehead, stat. (The Mary Sue)
This is why I love James Hance. (James Hance)

Fabulous geeky holiday cards by Alicia. More at this link.

That’s all I’ve got for this week folks. I sincerely hope to be back at it again regularly from now on. 🙂

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