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Web Roundup #17

Yeah, I’m going to stop even attempting to pretend that I’ll be able to do this weekly. Not sure how I ever found the time. I’m nowhere near caught up on Reader, but I’ve been keeping at it. I’m down by about 70 subscriptions from last time, at 501.
These appear in reverse order from the date I starred them (most recent star first), so they may be clumpy or in weird chronological order. No ranking of quality is intended (everything here is awesome!).
Now let’s get to the goodies! Normally I include recipes and news articles and the like, but I’ve been working on my backlog of crafty blogs and there’s so many good things that that’s all I included. 🙂

Crafty Goodness
Just look at these adorb felt crowns! (Maureen Cracknell Homemade)
I love this pillow! Might have to borrow some ideas from it. (Little Island Quilting)
The cutout slice on this clock is genius! (Knock Off Decor)
This colorful collection is fab. I especially love the top-left pillow. (In Color Order)
The Mad Hatter would be pleased with these paper teacups. (How about Orange)
This needlework is SUBLIME (seriously, it’s hilarious) (FY Needlework)
Great negative-space embroidery idea (FY Needlework)
Oh I definitely need one of these. And some of that fabric. (Fluffy Sheep Quilting)
A pattern for an adorable embroidered cup cozy. (Feeling Stitchy)
I adore these texty fabrics with the bright prints! (Echinops & Aster)
I also intend to make some of these fancy bookmarks! (Decor Hacks)
Clever idea to decorate your plain candles. (Aunt Peaches)
This quilt is fantastic! (Blueberry Patches)
For those who really love zipping things. (A Quilter’s Table)
Scroll down to see another fabulous quilt. (The Intrepid Thread)
Check out this gorgeous medieval costume! (Starlight Masquerade)
Cute monochromatic pouch, with surprise inside. (Sleepy Owl Studio)
I like this fastener idea. Might borrow it (Sotak Homemade)
Felt calligraphy on a pillow. There’s nothing about that I don’t like. (Hungry Hippie)
I really need a dinosaur embroidered on a shirt now. (FY Needlework)
Calvin and Hobbes. Snowmen. Embroidery. YES. (FY Needlework)
Cross-stitched Hogwarts Crest. OH YES. (FY Needlework)
Great sentiment, great concept, great execution. (FY Needlework)
I am speechless before this beauty. (FY Needlework)
Some lolz. (FY Needlework)
I like this tumbler pattern. Think I’ll do it for my redecorating this spring. (During Quiet Time)
Crossword puzzle pillow! Aw yisssss. (During Quiet Time)
A Hexie pouch! Lovvvvv. (During Quiet Time)
Fancy pincushions! Easy, too. (Decor Hacks)
Love the color scheme. (Craftin Mechanic)
Wintery Dragon embroidery pattern. It’s free! (Corvus Tristis)
I love this concept. I definitely will try it one day. (CAF)
Another blog related to the one above. There are owl pillows. (CAF)
I absolutely MUST learn crocodile stitch. (Carina’s Craftblog)
“Elizabethan” baked goods. (Aunt Peaches)

Have you seen or done something awesome lately? Feel free to share links in the comments!

Social Media

I’ve finally joined the dark sides. I have been using (and enjoying!) Twitter the last few days. I tweet about all sorts of stuff, and tend to share lots of photos of my creative stuff there.
I also finally made a Facebook page! The final cause of it was an upcoming project that I haven’t announced yet, but I’d appreciate your likes! I don’t share much there yet.
Both of these are a great way to keep in touch with me, especially if you want the fast lane for coupons and sales!!

(Before you know it, you crafty people will drag me into Instagram…)



I’m so stinkin proud of this. I stitched the details on freehand. 🙂

Any suggestions?


I just don’t know what else to do to get the kid to clean her room.

A Frenzy of Creativity

I have set a goal to exercise my creative muscles more often this year. Therefore, I’ve been spending more time with my bead boxes and pliers lately.


These are the results just from yesterday!! I got into a serious groove for a couple hours.

I took brand new photos of most of my Etsy items, which you can view here at my shop. There’s chainmaille, there’s wire-wrapping, there’s even regular beaded stuff. Check it out! And rest assured that supporting my shop doesn’t just support me: every dime I take in gets spent at other Etsy shops!

Its been a crazy week


And I am really not in the mood to deal with this….

Oh well. Into the breach, y’all.

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