Odd Ends

I know! Its been forever! We finally moved! It was my first official military move and it sure was … Fun. We picked up the keys to our new home on Monday but our household goods won’t arrive until around the 31st. We are staying with family over the holidays (lucky us) and I am DYING to move into my new home. It’s soooooo much bigger and I am just dying to set up and decorate and make it my own.
It hasn’t escaped me that many people embark on redecorating and organizing projects on the New Year and I’ll be joining them lol. I have been pinning all day. (My MIL has wireless but my parents do not so I have been making the most of it.) So, if I have the motivation, I am planning to blog my new home as I settle in, and that will be followed by my spring reopening over on my Etsy shop. Its going to be a banner year. 🙂


I started C25k (again) the other day.

My legs hurt sooooo bad.

Etsy photoshoot


Everything you need.
Creepy prop, pile of items, strawberries, cat, barely-funtioning laptop.

Be jealous


We live like 5 minutes from a strawberry farm.


My kiddo has had a lot of trouble learning how to team. But today’s practice was pretty great.


This pic isn’t from today. Its just cute.


Yikes man its been absolutely crazy

We bought a car! Our car was paid off and I loved not having a car payment. However I realllllly love the new car. The payment made us sit down and organize our budget and we are actually in a better financial spot now than we were before.

We cleaned out the whole house and piled all the “junk” into a garage sale. We made a decent cash loaf and sold all but 2 of our big items. I think those will go on Craigslist. All the leftovers were packed immediately in the car. One box got sold at the pawn shop, and the rest donated to the mission. Suck it, rude pawn shop boy: my “box of crap” bought me a delicious pizza.

Charlotte is almost done with pre k. 2 more days. We have been having some problems and concerns… we are taking her to a psychologist. Don’t expect details… I just wanted to say something.

Pursuant to the budget stuff, we switched banks. Now we have an app. 😉

Man I don’t even know what else. I have been making new things. Lots of bracelets. I’m going to make myself try a Persian weave soon. I also REALLY need to update my etsy! Wish that was easier to do on the app.

I probably have more to say but I can’t think of it. I’ve been avoiding Facebook mostly so maybe that will make me drop in over here when I have things to say…


This is a picture of the goodies I’m sending off to my lovely winner, Kathy.


There is a little of everything in here: several laces, some beads, thread, a huge bunch of ribbon, most of a yard of patriotic fabric, and scraps of some orange fabrics!

Giveaway Day Is Coming

SMSGD is coming on May 6….

What should I give away?

Google Reader

Well… that sucks.

Anybody have any feed reader suggestions? I need one that can do all rss feeds, not just blogs. I would REALLY prefer one that also has an Android app.

A Frenzy of Creativity

I have set a goal to exercise my creative muscles more often this year. Therefore, I’ve been spending more time with my bead boxes and pliers lately.


These are the results just from yesterday!! I got into a serious groove for a couple hours.

I took brand new photos of most of my Etsy items, which you can view here at my shop. There’s chainmaille, there’s wire-wrapping, there’s even regular beaded stuff. Check it out! And rest assured that supporting my shop doesn’t just support me: every dime I take in gets spent at other Etsy shops!

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