I’m so stinkin proud of this. I stitched the details on freehand. 🙂

Things I Have Made Lately

– Medieval-style men’s shirt from oatmeal-colored cotton gauze with contrast dark blue suiting fabric at cuffs and placket and silvery buttons
– 16th century women’s shift from muslin
– red wrap skirt, floor length
– custom-made canopy for wagon with organdy ribbon ties
– a chainmaille bracelet
– “fairy ring” made from brass ring and an assortment of ribbons

Currently in Progress
– black men’s pants
– pink “princess dress” from satiny fabric, backed with cotton

In the Hopper
– scalemail shoulder armor
– matching bracer (s)
– an assortment of bags and pouches
– various other accessory items


oh god so busy

(I sew by hand, remember. That’s a crucial point here.)

Score! A Bonus Giveaway!

~Both giveaways are NOW CLOSED! Stay tuned to find out the WINNERS!~

In celebration of the fact that I received over 100 pageviews today (and nearly 100 yesterday), I’m announcing a SECOND GIVEAWAY.

It’s been super exciting, watching your comments roll in for my Eclectic Bundle giveaway! As the end of today neared, I wondered if I’d break the mythical number of 100 pageviews (I’m a small blog, okay). And I did!

As a big THANK YOU to everyone, I’m offering up a second prize. My bundle is up for grabs to anybody who comments this week; this giveaway is for FOLLOWERS! All you need to do is FOLLOW me and leave me a comment telling me how you follow (via your WordPress account, by email or an RSS reader, or by Twitter). (I have internet mojo – I will know if you lie. 😉 ) The links for all of those are over in the right sidebar – super easy to find.

Now, for what you really want to know: THE PRIZE IS FABRIC! Some of you mentioned that I ought to have included yarn and embroidery floss (and maybe some paint) in the previous one, and I thought about it, but, well, who doesn’t love fabric.

I had a dig in my (very small) stash and found these four pieces of fabric.
— A red-on-ivory toile – it’s oddly shaped but it’s about the size of a fat quarter, and it’s a very heavy fabric
— An orange-and black tiger print – fat quarter
— A bright pink tiger-y looking print – about half a yard
— and a yard of a bright hippie-ish print (see below for a better shot of it)

Don’t you just love that jaunty little birdie?

Just to clarify – comments on this post are NOT entries in the other giveaway, just to make it easier to determine a winner. To enter this giveaway, follow and comment here. To enter the other, comment on any other post on this blog.
Sorry, but both giveaways are US-only. Maybe next time, Internationals!
This giveaway will close at 6 pm PST on Friday May 25.

Web “Weekend” #13

Hello Hello! I actually have a good reason for delaying the roundup this week! I wanted to include it in my GIVEAWAY WEEK festivities. (Also I am horribly behind in my readering.) For those of you who missed the memo, I’m participating in a massive giveaway party hosted by Sew Mama Sew. I’m offering a fun and eclectic bundle of crafting supplies, and EVERY COMMENT ALL WEEK counts as an entry. If you happen to not want to be included in the giveaway, just make a note of it in your comment. If you’d like to enter one/some/many/all of the other giveaways (there are hundreds), check out this link here. There are 5 categories, so have fun.

So for the newbies (hi out there!), let me lay down my ground rules for this thing here. I usually do this on the weekends, and my goal is to feature links to all the various things I found on the blogosphere that tickled my fancy that week. None of these links are sponsored or requested in any way – this is just me giving some love to the things I enjoyed. (And it’s NOT exhaustive – I have to cut like 90% of the things that I “star” as I’m readering.)
I share a lot of crafty things and recipes. I share a handful of interesting articles about a variety of topics including current events and science. I share links to fabulous art, and I share a smattering of things that I just thought were great. I get my geek on frequently – I put in a sprinkling of pictures and they tend to be quite geeky.
I’m currently following 413 blogs, holy crap. This giveaway thing is quite unhealthy for my reader, lol. I added probably 100 of those today as I was surfing the giveaways. I expect that number will be, like, 700 by the time I’m done.

Remember you can follow me on Pinterest  or on Tumblr for nearly-daily flailing and excitement. Check the right side of the page for a list of all the places you can find me. And if there’s somewhere else you’d like to connect with me, let me know! (I’m not making a facebook page until I know that people are interested.) Now let’s get to the links!

I featured this photo on the last roundup and just couldn’t bear to delete it. Uh oh, I may be stuck in an infinite loop. (via FY Link)

Things to Buy or Make

A colorful and cheap spiked macrame bracelet – hardcore, dude. 😉 (Thanks I Made It)
Cute patchwork pillow – excellent intro to piecing, I would imagine (SOTAK handmade)
Patchwork from the selvage edge of fabrics – this makes the waste-not spirit inside me very happy. (Happy Cottage Quilter)
Make a real life Pinboard, with a cool sliding panel in front! (Knock Off Decor)
Turn your spaghetti sauce jars into gorgeous Moroccan lanterns! (Matsutake)
DIY a shrinky jewelry piece from #6 plastic (Rust and Sunshine)
Use up that paper hoard by making this origami flower! (Creative to Keep My Sanity)
A purse that looks like Cap’s shield. YES. (So Geek Chic)
Crocheted Yoshi egg blanket. VERY yes. (So Geek Chic)
Homemade sidewalk chalk (Modern Mom)
DIY nail polish – an area of crafting that I’m itching to try! (Delighted Momma)
Awesome hardware necklace (Thanks I Made It)
Blackwork is gorgeous, and here’s a free pattern! (Feeling Stitchy)
Geometric felt bookmarks – very fun and modern (How About Orange)
I feel very inspired by this cats-and-laser-dot embroidery (&Stitches)
One of many old-school Zelda quilts I’ve seen. Gotta try this. (Copiously Geeky)

Ideas to Use

A list of commonly-wasted foods, and some ideas on how to avoid doing that (Savvy Housekeeping)
I’m not the only one who’s been changing up my grocery-shopping. Do you have any revelatory tricks? (Simple Organized Living)
Mary Corbet’s Stitch Play Index – an index of gorgeous embroidery stitches by a fabulous stitcher (Needle N Thread)
Really easy-to-follow tutorial on applying grommets (A Quilter’s Table)
DIY Wood Butter to keep your wooden stuff looking pretty. (Lifehacker)
DIY Reusable Dryer Sheets – brilliant! Already added them to my to-make list. (Lifehacker)
Apparently MAYO will clean crayon off your walls? (Lifehacker)
3 ways to enhance your embroidery (also 3 adorable inspiring projects) (Wild Olive)
This party theme (and the post title) absolutely cracks me up. (Young House Love)

I could watch this ALL DAY. (via Hipster Game of Thrones) (YES, this is another repeat; what is WRONG with me.)


A cake covered with Whoppers. My husband would DIE. (Stars and Sunshine)
A tip for a better PB&J (Lifehacker)
Basic Yellow Butter Cake – a great one for my Basic Recipes series (The Kitchn)
A copycat recipe for a Wendy’s frosty. Gotta try this one. (The Kitchn)
10 cheap staples everyone should have in their pantry – oh, great post idea! (The Kitchn)
23 homemade breads. Yes. Bread is one of my faaaavorite things. (The Kitchn)
Candied Ginger, two ways (Inn at the Crossroads)
Simple chicken salad with a twist: Basil! (Blogchef)

Articles and News

A time lapse video of the recent annular eclipse. Boo for living on the East Coast – it must have been awesome in person. (Wired Science)
What do you know (or think you know) about the Pacific Garbage Patch? (io9)
This article will generate a 20-minute workout for you. You have 20 minutes, right? Sure you do. (Lifehacker)
Thoughts on couponing – got any suggestions to add? (Get Rich Slowly)
This week, let’s have a history lesson on … bra-burning? (The Mary Sue)

I am not entirely sure why this happened. (via Epic Ponyz)

Entertainment: Books, TV, Movies, and others

All the new SF/F shows: this list is pretty depressing, honestly. (io9)
Someone researched how our “future” was portrayed in fiction for more than a century. You know you want to see the infographic. (io9)
There’s a nifty-looking Harry Potter web series coming soon. (io9)
If you had to guess which literary characters are most frequently portrayed on film, who would you choose? (io9)


Video game characters in the ukiyo-e style by Jed Henry (via io9)
Sonic Screwdriver beats Lightsaber. What happens next, though? By KK Jordan (via io9)

Weekly Greatness:

How to throw an insult like Shakespeare (Aunt Peaches)
Just a bit of fandom silliness, at the expense of Legolas. (Cleolinda)
Australia is TERRIFYING. And funny, if it’s a comic. (Momentary Lapse of Reason)
Matt Smith, everyone. (Who Generation)
TESLA. (The Oatmeal)

This would scare the bejeezus out of me. Via Epic Ponyz

Did you see anything cool around the internet this week? Is there a blog I should be reading? Got an opinion or thought about anything here? Share your own thoughts and links in the comments!  Make sure to follow me (here, there, and everywhere) to get more updates!

It’s Giveaway Week!

~Both giveaways are NOW CLOSED! Hang tight for the WINNERS!~

A couple times a year, Sew Mama Sew hosts a “Giveaway day” party, and I decided to be part of it this year. You can click that link above to find other blogs where you can enter to win fabulous crafty prizes, but first, read on and find out what I’ve got!

For the new visitors, let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m Jamie B. I make a lot of things and I spend way too much time on the internet. I publish a weekly list of cool and awesome things I’ve found around the internet, as well as my own craft and recipe tutorials. This week I’m delaying my internet roundup (I’m planning to post it on Tuesday) and I’d love for you to come check it out. I’ve also got a great recipe in the hopper to share with you, and maybe a few surprise posts as well.

I thought long and hard about this giveaway, and decided to gather up a collection of fabulous supplies for your crafting pleasure!

Here is a quick shot of all the supplies gathered together. I selected them carefully to represent different parts of my own crafting personality. I like to be diverse in my life and my blog, so here’s what may be the most diverse prize you’ve ever won. There’s something from just about every Arena of Crafting that I participate in.

In the photo above you can see a small packet of beads in various colors (I just dove into my box and chose a handful), a package of jump rings (perfect for making 12-in-2 Flowers!), a bottle of black crackle nail polish, 2 packets of cupcake decorations (they are Irish themed), a gorgeous green-and-gold ribbon (it’s quite long), and a nice big piece of fabric in pink-and-brown stripes.

AND this isn’t even all! These lovelies will be accompanied by a SECRET HANDMADE ITEM that I think you’ll love. I already know what it is; it’s sitting right next to me. I just felt like being mysterious. shipped with a HANDMADE velcro-sealed bag. It measures approximately 7×7 and is designed to be used like a sandwich baggie. It’s lined with very thin vinyl and the outside is a pretty brown and ivory floral print. Just wipe it out and reuse. I don’t have any photos of it because I’m lazy.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is leave me a comment! I embrace diversity in my crafting, and I yearn for discussion on my blog. So let’s talk! Tell me what your favorite kind of crafting is! Do you like sewing, or maybe beading? Maille? Knitting? Maybe you’re into fashion arts, or even food! I want to talk about it with you!

For additional entries: come back all week and join in the discussions! I’ll be posting several times this week, and every comment will count as an entry in the giveaway! Tweets, facebook posts, pins, and the like are appreciated but will not count as entries. I will delete all spammy comments or anybody who’s being mean.

This contest is open from Monday May 21 at the time of posting until 5pm PST on Friday May 25 – so enter early and enter often! I will contact the winner by email, so make sure you leave a contact email when you comment. I do screen comments so yours may not show up immediately – just be patient!

Remember to COME BACK (you can subscribe by email or RSS if you’d like) throughout the week to join in the fun and grab more entries! I can also be found on Twitter (I automatically tweet a link to each post), Pinterest, Tumblr, and a couple other places which you’ll find listed in the right sidebar.

Busy Busy Busy

I don’t know why exactly, but I’ve just been insanely busy lately. I enjoy most of the things I do, but it seems like I haven’t had any downtime in forever. I haven’t even had spare time for reading! Today I’ve got a collection of pictures to share, of some of my recent projects in progress!

This is a quick shot I took of my to-do list just before I sat down to upload pictures and write this post. The right side is tasks for my home or family – stuff like “clean the fridge” and “mail Mother’s Day cards.” The left side is personal projects or desires, mostly for Etsy or for my blogs. Yes, it’s giant. And it’s mostly not very itemized. It just says “clean,” instead of “clean living room and bathroom and bedroom and kitchen,” for example. Told ya I’m busy.

I’ve been trying new recipes, but I haven’t been photographing them. I’ve got such a backlog of recipes to blog about. So it’s a great time to try new things, so I can improve on them before I blog about them. This is last night’s dinner – Spinach, Ricotta, and Parmesan Stuffed Shells. I based them off a recipe I shared with you a few weeks agoSpinach-Stuffed Canneloni by Happiness Stan. Delicious, although there are a few things I’m going to do differently next time. I’m really loving recipes that fold the vegetables into the main dish, because we have a tendency to forget to make the veggie until the food is done. Also, I officially love ricotta. It makes such lovely leftovers.

A new project! Care to guess? I shared the inspiration for this with you just a few days ago. It’s rock candy! I loved the jewelry idea from 1 Fine Cookie, but I decided I’d better try out just plain rock candy first. I stirred up some sugar syrup, added in a little of the flavor extracts I had on hand, and some coloring. It’s a pretty simple concept, so I don’t anticipate any problems.

Here’s a quick shot of some earrings I knocked together today. The ones on the left are for Kako. They’re a version of my Corkscrew earrings, with silver-colored copper wire and Sapphire blue freshwater pearls. They turned out a bit longer than I expected. The ones on the right are pearlescent black glass pearls, wrapped with 26-gauge wire. Quite delicate. I like them. Look for them in my shop on June 1st!

Here’s a sneak peek of another commissioned jewelry piece. My friend Ri likes cameos like my Secret Cameo earrings, but doesn’t wear earrings. So I went on the hunt for a necklace for her. I found this classic-looking pendant, and embellished it with 28 green Swarovski elements. It hangs at about the breastbone, from a double-loop of black cable chain. I’m really happy with it.

I’ve also been sewing! This is a prototype of an e-reader cover that I’m hoping to produce for my shop, but it’s giving me fits at the moment. I’m happy with the front side, but the back just isn’t cooperating. I’ve got an idea I’m going to try next time I sit down with it, so hopefully it’ll work out well.

My sewing has been successful on other fronts though. Here’s a shot of a “string backpack” I knocked together from 2 fat quarters. We have a similar one (that we found in a parking lot haha) to carry dog-related items when we take Charlie for a walk. This one is the new home for kid-related stuff when we walk to the park. I really like the two velcro’ed pockets on the front, to stash my keys and wallet.  I’m thinking about Etsying these as well. What do you think?

If you want to find out what this is, you’ll have to read about it on the Snark Art Blog!

In honor of Matt Smith’s debut as the Eleventh Doctor 2 years ago, April 3 was Fish Custard Day. (Go watch The Eleventh Hour; you’ll understand.) I got brave and tried it. It was actually pretty good!

Here’s a process shot of a set of items that should be appearing in my shop on Listing Day (the first of June). Care to take a guess?

Another process shot, of a very old and long-since-completed project. I had this lovely skirt, but it was longer than I liked, and, um, too small in the waist. So I shortened it by hacking off the top. I’m quite happy with it. I’ve got to get the courage to model it so I can put up a proper post about it.

When I joined Paperback Swap a few weeks ago, I went through my box of “get rid of” books and listed them all. Except a few. Four of the seven Chronicles of Narnia books, in pretty rough shape. I couldn’t list them, but I didn’t want to just throw them away. So I salvaged them. I cut (by hand) hundreds of circles from the pages, and glued them onto a paper lantern I already owned. It turned out AMAZING. I’ve got a ton of scraps, as well as a whole book and a half, left, so I’m thinking about other things to do with the papers. I kept a couple of the chapter illustrations, and am thinking of using my scanner to blow them up and use them as embroidery patterns. The scraps of paper might get blended up into pulp so I can make “fresh” paper – I’ve got a bookmaking project running around my head too.

PONY CUPCAKES. Our FRG had a “cupcake social” this past weekend. (I apologize to my Pinterest followers for the deluge of cupcakes that one day that I was looking for ideas.) I made these little picks from the box art (yes I saved it, why do you ask) from my daughter’s ponies. I am particularly proud of these lovelies. Definitely expect to see a post featuring these babies in better detail soon.

Last photo of the day! This is a shot from wayy back at the beginning of April, the day of the season two premiere of Game of Thrones. I prepared a fabulous Westerosi feast. Somehow, the blog never got written about it. I made a number of amazing recipes that day though, and I plan to share them – especially those lovely Dornish peppers you see on the right in the foreground. Deeeeeelicious. Fresh bread dipped in salt was also a revelation of flavor.

This isn’t even all of the amazingness that I’ve been up to! Here’s just a quick sample of the things I’ve got folders of pictures for: Homemade Butter, Cola Cake, Fried Chicken, Roasted Chicken, Lasagna, Onion Rings, Shield Weaving, and Wheat Bread. I’ve also got some great craft tutorials in the planning stages (it’s harder than you think it is to take process photos of delicate things). Oh, and I got my May Birchbox the other day – that blog will be coming soon.
Don’t forget – next week is Giveaway Week! Be sure to come back early and often for your chances to win free stuff!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mishmash photoblog. Which project are you most excited to see more of?

Web Weekend #12

Hi there! I missed last week’s roundup because I was ill. Sad, because I actually was completely caught up on reading. I didn’t quite manage to go back all the way to the point I left off at, but this was a good week and we have plenty to be going on with.

A few announcements: Next week I will be participating in Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway week! So make sure to come back on the 21st to find out how to enter an as-yet-undeclared prize (it’ll be good, I promise).
This week may be a rough one because my to-do list is massive, and next week my husband is having a pretty major surgery. But I promise, I’m going to try to keep things together.

Remember you can follow me on Pinterest  or on Tumblr for nearly-daily flailing and excitement. Check the right side of the page for a list of all the places you can find me. And if there’s somewhere else you’d like to connect with me, let me know! (I’m not making a facebook page until I know that people are interested, fyi.) Now let’s get to the links!

This week, I’m starting off with a badass. (via FY Link)

Things to Buy or Make

A cute and simple relaxing eye mask (Wild Olive)
Tatted Lace corsage bracelet by TotusMel – well, there’s another craft to learn. (Instructables)
DIY Hollow book – definitely planning to do this, soon (by craftknowitall on Instructables)
A business card holder from a cassette tape! (by Jer_Faludi on Instructables)
Knockoff Moleskine notebook (by arte.sano on Instructables)
I love this cute fabric pendant by Ellen Baker (Craft)
DIY concrete planters? Yes. (Apartment Therapy)
Quick, cute idea for graduation gifts (Crafts Unleashed)
Easy DIY: teacup candles (A Bit of Bee’s Knees)
A pretty, flowery embroidery pattern (Carina’s Craftblog)
Rock Candy Jewelry. Yes you read that right, and it is awesome. (1 Fine Cookie)
Mercado market bag – ingeniously designed. (The Kitchn)

Ideas to Use

How to test floss for colorfastness, and how to make it so if it’s not. (so september)
How to refill a foaming hand soap dispenser (by frollard on Instructables)
Tips on making a terrarium (CasaSugar)

I could watch this ALL DAY. (via Hipster Game of Thrones)


Top ten cocktails (The Kitchn)
Ten Martha recipes for Sangria (The Kitchn)
I’m a sucker for onions and rice and cheese. ($35 a week)
Also for honey and garlic and pork. (Blogchef)
These raw vegan fudge bars sound heavenly. (Good Girl Gone Green)
A lovely list of delicious low-calorie snacks (A Bit of Bees Knees)
Pink Lemonade Cookies – would be so cute for a girly party (Gluesticks)
Pineapple Lime Grilled Chicken – four delicious words. (Shiksa in the Kitchen)
10 Cracker recipes (The Kitchn)
Frozen yogurt dots – perfect for kids (The Kitchn)
10 drinks associated with literary figures – ❤ (The Kitchn)

Articles and News

Thoughts on IUDs. This is relevant to my life. (io9)
Did you hear about Tanning Mom? It’s very sad. (The Gloss)
The military has been completely destroyed since DADT was repealed. Oh wait, no, the opposite of that. (Jezebel)
Wow, um, I’m going to take up yoga now. (Blisstree)
The Mommy Wars MUST END. This is getting toxic. (Eat the Damn Cake)
I really really loved this article about drawing wheelchairs (it’s more applicable than you’d think). (The Mary Sue)
North Carolina sucks. The end. (Gawker)

This was taken on the first day of filming for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Omg. (via EpicPonyz)

Entertainment News

Maurice Sendak passed away this week. And literally the entire internet mourned. Let the wild rumpus start!
Biff Tannen (actually Tom Wilson) has an awesome business card. (io9)
Lucy Liu has been cast as Watson in CBS’s Sherlock Holmes sendup. I am … interested, but not hopeful. (Jezebel)
The Fifty Shades trilogy has officially found its way to the banned books list. This makes me sad, but not for the reason you may think. (Jezebel)
I really enjoyed this article about superheroes and “the closet.” What say you? (Comics Alliance)
Wil Wheaton wins this week’s Tearjerker Award. (The Mary Sue)
David Tennant is rumored to be part of the next Fast & Furious movie. I’ll SO watch it if he is. (The Mary Sue)


I really needed to read this encouragement about shyness. (By Omocat)
Amazing upcycling of plastic bottles (by Garth Britzman, via Colossal)

Weekly Greatness:

I love this series. You should check it out. (The Simple Dollar)
Kate Beaton did it again. (Hark A Vagrant)
Every Major’s Terrible (xkcd)

Let’s end with a hearty laugh. 🙂 By Natalie Dee

Did you see anything cool around the internet this week? Is there a blog I should be reading? Got an opinion or thought about anything here? Share your own thoughts and links in the comments!  Make sure to follow me (here, there, and everywhere) to get more updates!

Web Weekend #11

Whew. It’s been another rough one. I’m gearing up for my Grand Re-Opening on Tuesday so I’ve been crazy busy. I’m actually going to open in a few stages. This week, I’ll be debuting jewelry.
I’m still at 363 this week. Weirddd.

Remember you can follow me on Pinterest for nearly-daily flailing and excitement. Now let’s get to the links!

Help! Help! (via Literate Knits)

Things to Buy or Make

Bracelets made from vintage knitting needles (SewNewThings)
It’s dangerous to go without your house key (So Geek Chic)
A Dalek dress. Very yes. (Fashionably Geek)
DIY vintage jewelry wreath. I love the colors. (BlogHer)
Cool rug made from felted balls! (Instructables)
Really amazing coffee table made from a pallet. (Unconsumption)
Bracelets and other jewelry made from glass bottles. (Bottlehood)
A lovely gift for a bride. (Oh Happy Day)
Mini garden inside your house! (Shelterness)
DIY these sculptural coil vases (Shelterness)
Three ideas for upcycling trash into jewelry (Fusion Beads)
Make some cute washcloths from your old towels (Michele Made Me)

Ideas to Use

Do you have a creative kid? DIY is the community for them. (Laughing Squid)
Here’s a whole bunch of free social media icons for your blog. (Shrimp Salad Circus)
How to write enticing Item Descriptions (Etsy Blog)

Awwww. (via Literate Knits)


Whole Orange Chocolate Chip muffins (Thrify & Green)
Chicken a la Oink (haha) (Lost in Transition)
Mouthwatering grilled pineapple (Rantings of an Amateur Chef)
ANZAC biscuits (Shiksa in the Kitchen)
Takeout-style Orange Chicken (35$ a Week Project)
Ice cream sandwiches! (Smitten Kitchen)
Cast-iron Pineapple Upside Down cake (Rantings of an Amateur Chef)
Bruschetta Chicken (Pioneer Woman)

Articles and News

The NYC Department of Records released a huge collection of old photos. (Laughing Squid)
What is CISPA, you ask? Here’s the answer. (Gawker)
Another list of amazing untranslatable words (io9)
LEGO is an awesome company. (GeekMom)
My grocery store pet peeve is crowdedness – either from the other shoppers or from bad store design. What’s yours? (The Kitchn)

You know you're a true fan if you cringe at this scene because you know that Viggo just broke his toe. (via Literate Knits)

Entertainment News

Amazon released a list of the most-highlighted bits on Kindle books. 8 of the top ten are from the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (and Jane Austen provided the other 2)! (The Mary Sue)
io9’s guide to summer Sci-fi and Fantasy tv! (io9)


Double-Exposure portraits by Jon Duenas (via Colossal)
Alex Konahin did this skull with a dip pen! (via Colossal)
I really like this series that Noelle Stevenson’s been doing. (Gingerhaze)

Weekly Greatness:

Samwell Tarly, everyone. (Literate Knits)
Translation is your friend. (Literate Knits)
Pictureless Pins – a text-only way to enjoy Pinterest (Laughing Squid)
Oh, there’s a text-only Instagram, too. (EpicPonyz)

Did you see anything cool around the internet this week? Is there a blog I should be reading? Got an opinion or thought about anything here? Share your own thoughts and links in the comments!  Make sure to follow me (here, there, and everywhere) to get more updates!

Web Weekend #10

Double digits! This was one of those weird weeks, where it seemed to fly by but drag on forever at the same time. I have been stocking up for my Grand Reopening at my Etsy shop on May 1 (I’ll be posting more about that later this week), so I spent a lot of time AFK.
I’m at 363 this week – I went way down, but most of those were “haven’t been updated in months” culls. (Speaking of which, does anybody know what happened to Allie Brosh? [No I didn’t delete her.])

By the way, it’s Earth day! I hope you all enjoyed a lovely day off, hopefully enjoying our planet. If you’re interested in earning rewards for your green actions, come join me at Recyclebank! It’s easy and free. 🙂 (Disclosure: I get points if you sign up from my referral link.)

Remember you can follow me on Pinterest for nearly-daily flailing and excitement. Now let’s get to the links!

Let's start the week bravely - by Noelle Stevenson (Gingerhaze)

Things to Buy or Make

Upcycle your easter eggs into tealights! (Taylor Made)
4 felt no-sew pendants – great for kids’ jewelry! (Wild Olive)
I really want to get this Knitting Tower for Missy! (Wee Folk Art)
Fairy Ribbon Rings – another thing Missy “needs” (and maybe me too) (Wee Folk Art)
A PDF pattern for that “Day of the Dead Owl” I featured a while back! (threadhead)
DIY colored pencil jewelry! (Design Mom)
Colorful and comfy floor pillow tutorial (Living with Punks)
Scrapbook-paper wall plaques – definitely going to do this. (Life Made Interesting)
Candles inside eggs! So pretty. (Mom’s Crafty Space)
Put laces on your high heels – quite posh, I think. (Craft)
Apples to Oranges sewing kit pattern (Straight Stitch Society)
Gift bows from bags! Of course it’s Martha. (Craft)
Conflict-free diamonds. Wink wink. (Mini-Eco)
Glue gun bandolier, for your most badass crafting adventures. (Craft)
Coffee body scrub. (The Gloss)
Legend of Zelda alphabet cross-stitch. Adding to my To-do list. (Epic Ponyz)

Ideas to Use

A ton of ideas to upcycle plastic bottles! (Under the Table)
Some inspiring spring embroidery floss color collections (Wild Olive)
Tips for embroidering on difficult fabrics (StitchPunk)
Making the most of one acre (From Scratch Club)
Now that Picnik is gone (RIP), try Picmonkey. (Carina’s Craftblog)
Quick infographic about dress cuts/styles (The Gloss)
Thinking of starting a bookblog? (Living Learning and Loving Life)
Photo Composition 101 – I need to study the heck out of this. (Technology for Moms)
Make your home smell delicious with this easy simmer. (A Bit of Bee’s Knees)

This also applies to girls, I think. (via Badder Homes and Gardens)


Dinner guests to impress? Here’s 15 ways to do it. (The Kitchn)
Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream. Yeah, you’re kinda drooling there. (Not Your Momma’s Cookie)
Brown Sugar and Chocolate Chip Pound Cake with Maple Glaze. You’re still drooling. (A Spoonful of Sugar)
Homemade Coffee Creamer! (At Home with Kim)
Plum & Thyme Iced Tea – this sounds really fancy and delicious (A Bit of Bee’s Knees)

Articles and News

Dave’s not here, man. But we do have some research about cannabis. (io9)
You needed more creepiness in your sex life? Here it is. (Jezebel)
Nuns may be the only part of the Catholic church who aren’t actively destroying lives, so of course the Vatican had to rebuke them for it. (Jezebel)
Thoughts about blogging business. (Ramble Ramble)
Someone has invented a REAL sonic screwdriver. (The Mary Sue)

Duckie! (via Cute-sturbing)

Entertainment News

A treasure trove of 500 fairy tales has been discovered. Now can we retire Snow White? (io9)
After 4 weeks at the top, the Hunger Games finally gave up the box office crown. (Jezebel)
Fill your Doctor Who cravings with these catchphrases. (Anglophenia)
Game of Thrones drinking game. Go easy or you’ll die of alcohol poisoning. (io9)


A roundup of Calvin and Hobbes mashups (Comics Alliance)
Sketchbooks need more leaves. (By Sketching Backpacker, via Colossal)
Haunting (no pun intended) artwork. (By Charles Santoso)
Finn and Jake amigurumi (By Lucy Ravenscar)

Weekly Greatness:

Doctor Who minifig concepts! Oh please, Lego, make these! (by Fine Clonier, via io9)

Twenty percent cooler! (My Little Brony)

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Web Weekend #9

Hello again! Hope you’re all having a restful weekend. I’m busy as always but I managed to keep up this week. I’m sitting at 380 subscriptions, which is 11 less than last week, lol. See, I told you that I do unsubscribe every now and then!
Remember you can follow me on Pinterest for nearly-daily flailing and excitement. Now let’s get to the links!

Things to Buy or Make

Gardener’s Apron Fat Quarter Project (Sew Mama Sew)
Display case for rings (Tea Rose Home)
A sew-along for a cute halter top begins here! (Living with Punks)
Custom cross-stitched clock face (Instructables)
“Shining Star” earrings tutorial – I’m thinking of making a seven-pointed variant (Instructables)
Felt flower fairy wands – oh yes these are definitely going to happen (Wee Folk Art)
Envelope-backed pillow – a tutorial for novices (Under the Table and Dreaming)
Earrings made from old maps (Recyclart)
Chain Chomp earrings (CouldBeeYours on Etsy)

Ideas to Use

How to forage for and process nettles for consumption (Punk Domestics)
“Four Keys to Success for New Sellers” (Etsy Blog)
20 edible weeds (Curbly)
8 suggestions for easily greening your life (BlogHer)
Thoughts and suggestions on using a motorless (“reel”) mower. (Marian Dews-Hayes)
How to whistle through your fingers (Art of Manliness)

A lovely collection of teacups. (via Literate Knits)
If this is your image, please let me know - I couldn't find a solid source on it.


Almond Pound Cake (Simple Organized Living)
DIY Queso Fresco (Punk Domestics)
Another cheese DIY: Mozzarella! (Punk Domestics)
Brownie Strawberry Shortcake (Glorious Treats)
Pizza. Grilled. Cheese. OMG. (Blogchef)
Grasshopper Smoothie – no insects involved (Good Girl Gone Green)
Easy Bread Bowls – from leftover dinner rolls (Lifehacker)
Ned Stark Cake Pops – horrifyingly delicious? (GOT: Cast a Large Shadow)
Five meals to serve even the most difficult dinner guest (The Kitchn)
Cheese Gougeres (The Kitchn)
DIY Citrus Salt (Lifehacker)

Articles and News

A rather sad infographic showing biodiversity in our foods. (Savvy Housekeeping)
Does the toxicity of nail polish concern you? Some brands have been mislabeled. (Birchbox)
Here’s a list of certified non-toxic (some even vegan!) lacquer brands, to ease your mind. (Blisstree)
Some thoughts on religion in the family. What are your thoughts? (BlogHer)
Questions about sweeteners. (BlogHer)
Amazing info-graphic/comic about the depths of lakes and oceans. It’s amazing how much we don’t know. (XKCD)
Do you have an opinion on religion and yoga? (Blisstree)
Teen pregnancy rates are super low. (Blisstree)

Outta my way, I'm shoppin'! (via Epic Ponyz)

Entertainment News

You’re invited to the wedding of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor! (EW PopWatch)
Speaking of weddings: Brad and Angelina are engaged now. (EW News Briefs)
This list of ten heartbreaking deaths in Doctor Who should fill your sadness quota for the day. (Anglophenia)
Here’s some information on that ebook price-fixing lawsuit. (Lifehacker)
And here’s some information about CISPA. (Lifehacker)
J.K. Rowling has announced the title and synopsis of her new book! (Anglophenia)
Hell’s Kitchen is renewed for 2 more seasons (after the upcoming summer season). (THR Live Feed)
I Know That Voice – a documentary featuring well-known voice actors – is coming soon! (io9)
Hunger Games on the ALA “Most Challenged Books” list: “proof positive that a book is worth reading.” (Jezebel)
This week in “well, DUH”: Game of Thrones has been renewed for a third season. (THR Live Feed)


This cross-stitch project involves a destroyed dictionary and the lottery numbers. Fascinating. (Lauren Steeper)
A collection of illustrations of how animals form families (via The Mary Sue)
Spice must flow! Giant sandworms on a beach in Belgium (by Marco Casagrande, via io9)

Weekly Greatness:

Captain Yesterday and Clobberella take a break from crimefighting. (Photo by LJinto, via Fashionably Geek)
Just had to share this awesome LOTR-themed nail art. (The Nailasaurus)
Handmade TARDIS chocolate box (by Michelle Quinn, via Uniblog)
Absolutely hilarious caricature of Peeta. (Jojo at Remembered Heroes)

Let's have David with a kitty, like the cherry on top. (via Literate Knits)

Did you see anything cool around the internet this week? Is there a blog I should be reading? Share your own thoughts and links in the comments! Got an opinion or thought about anything here? Make sure to follow me (here, there, and everywhere) to get more updates!

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