Swamped like Quicksand

Guys. Guys. Omg. I am sooooo swamped. Like “overwhelmed” swamped. I’ve got a HUGE personal project – with a deadline! I’ve got FRG stuff and other personal projects. Then there’s my Etsy listing goals (ha ha ha) and, you know, cleaning the house and taking care of my kid and all that.

On top of allll of that, I’ve recently taken on some SEO writing! I took over for a friend and my contact person definitely dumped TEN articles on me all at once. I don’t have a “deadline” on them, in particular, but they need to be done as soon as possible.

SO, all of these things combined means that I am not going to be able to do my Web Weekends for a few weeks. It sucks. :/ I love doing them, which is why I keep doing them even though nobody ever comments, haha. But I just really won’t have the free time to reader, and especially not to compile them. I’ll resume them as soon as possible, but there definitely won’t be one this weekend, and probably not the next.

Regular blogging should continue as usual. 🙂